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Okay okay so...

2014-05-13 19:15:57 by osuwari

This site changed so much LOL

People who I used to talk to on a daily basis on NG's Chat (made by that user who isn't the slightest bit active) I now forgot...well some. I miss Sashaaa D; Won't miss S0V LOL

so bored

2014-03-28 19:26:25 by osuwari

ugh x_x

Where am I?

2013-11-04 19:42:54 by osuwari

On gaiaonline of course >:) Under the username: magical girl lucifer v2 now .. sign up or whatever and send me a friend request ! :)


2012-10-26 07:43:35 by osuwari

Pomf pomf - kimochi!
What's this sticky stuff on me?

It's certainly been a while...hasn't it?

2012-01-10 21:16:43 by osuwari

Yes, yes, I was really busy. Too many meetings and so little greetings. Hope you had a good New Years' Eve. :)

It's certainly been a while...hasn't it?

Back to step on

2011-11-15 14:10:48 by osuwari

I'm so stupid and so sorry. :/

Back to step on


2011-10-21 21:45:49 by osuwari

You know what? I'm immature. Hmm, I took a really bad picture of it. Besides, the following day, I edited the noses and darkened the fur of the gorilla. Maybe when I get it back, I'll take a new picture of it. :)



2011-09-23 19:34:05 by osuwari

I think I look too pale. :/ Or is that just the camera and lighting? Told you, I have a baby face. :I Damnit, I'm fat. D: Lol- I do need to walk more. This was recently taken... :3 for you, smurf? :D
I think I overdid it. Did I? I'm worrying too much. :/ Well, tell me how awful I look or something...let me know someone is there.
oh that's right, and also kampf wanted to know so yeah. :3

-the profile pic to the side...is approved astonishing by happylice :3-
Hm... :)


One day new is gone... RIP Cleo.

2011-09-17 14:36:00 by osuwari

I've knew I should've kept my distance- but how he trots along- as a pup and only received yesterday from my friends' cousin... it was too cute; I had to have him. I had to love him... and how it hurts now... he was alright against my chest, his eyes looking around, fatigued and forlorn. He can't run right now- I was hoping he would be around for most of my life. But he isn't, why can't he be here now? Running under my chair and in my arms for the night?

Though he kept me up, I didn't really mind. But he needed his sleep, maybe a few scant hours. Until I forgot that my brother knew where I lived and decided to visit... you know, he only died two hours, thirty two minutes and three seconds ago... why didn't I keep him up? I knew something was wrong the day I got him, the moment his eyes were glazed after I ate; his jaw opening wide before closing... I held him close, hoping to appeal for unconsciousness... his snarls, his low growls... thoughts came unbidden, then, I felt something wet on my hands...I want him to stay in my life as long as possible; I want to cherish every breath he takes... His ragged breaths, and wide mouth, I saw red... blood.

It felt... definitely shocking to witness my pup, Cleo, die... as I desperately called for a neighbor, anyone.... then a man was beside me, gently grabbing the pup, his voice trying to remain calm, "Sweetie, this dog is dying."

No, it couldn't be...

I went right to the bathroom- scrubbing my hands raw of the blood; I'm so guilty... why did I let him sleep? He did need his rest, but...damn it! I cried, sobbing hysterically and gripped tightly on the sink, letting the water roar and splash my face- over and over...

Beautiful pup, I miss you so much.

I regret not telling you I love you, one last time...

Maybe- if ever- I will receive another pet... a dog, grown up and well-trained and healthy... but he/she wouldn't be two month, and two days old... I'll remember my Cleo forever... the blood that scents my hands even after hours of scrubbing harshly.

Goodness, I'm going to be off for a long while...


2011-08-23 16:52:42 by osuwari

I'm wondering if I should post a Kikyou-Kagome yuri fanfic. :x

But tell no one of the thought of -maybe- adding futanari to it. o.0 I'm weird and I acknowledge it so.

Yet, I've wrote two pages of it so far, I still have more to add...not just for the smut, but with romance in it. It's oft hard to twine love and lust together...especially when it is explicit. Sex between two females- correction: one woman, one Hermaphrodite. I wonder who shall be the futa girl...?

Ufufufu, so much possibilities to consider- it might sound inane, but I think Kagome should...be the one...to.

It makes me antsy to wonder how the scenes will flow...

So far, the plot flow is...medium. A so-so. Not as slow as I would like or maybe as interesting. :P But oh well, who knows? I might post up the unedited version first, then have you tell me what I should change or alter.

Wouldn't that be lovely criticism.

Or even those two girls, Kana and Nami from Aki-Sora. ;3 So much... decisions.

I loved them when Nami acted as her brother. Ufufufu, in some chapters, it blatantly have unrequited love for each other. But no one admits it, because they're scared...and Nami does think Kana in infatuated with her brother. :'C Sad that they don't see each other...how much they want each other.

Oh goodness, now I'm reading angst, good, delicious angst.

So far, I'm also learning more html, CSS, and bbcode- mainly because of Gaia...and my profile still needs tuning... -^^-

And yay, I drew it- on the computer~! >:D Yeah, but too bad it does't apply to these hands. :'( Oh well. Good thing you love. meh. :D Now, this I drew for Summer. :3